Opening: 29 January 2015

The Eastern Star Gallery is proud to present (Returning): an exhibition of original work by LA-based artist Soo Kim.

“I think the uniqueness of Kim’s art drew the class to her work,” said student curator Shelby Mumford. “Her pieces are a combination of simplicity and intricacy.”

Kim reinterprets photographs using cutting and layering techniques, narrative elements and literary references. From afar, the print looks whole and unmarked. But as you get closer to the photograph, hundreds of tiny excisions become apparent: All the areas where the sun has been reflected by the landscape—where there was too much light for the film to record—have been cut away. The work replicates the effect of camouflage. When viewed from a distance, the image looks different than it does up close; the scored-out parts are essentially imperceptible.

Kim received her MFA from California Institute of Arts – School of Art, Critical Writing, Film and Video, Valencia, California. She has previously had exhibitions at the Getty Museum and Angles Gallery in Los Angeles, DCKT Contemporary in New York, Steven Wolf Fine Arts in San Francisco, and the Pasadena Museum of California Art.

_After_a_pause_   _He_looks_in_her_direction_who_is_just_disappearing_