The Eastern Star Gallery showcases contemporary, Los Angeles artists with the goal of educating, encouraging and developing a vital interest and passion in the visual arts within the artistic community of Los Angeles and the Archer School for Girls. A key objective of the gallery and its outreach efforts is to promote, expand and increase the involvement of women in the art world, particularly its business.

The students in the gallery class are involved with every aspect of the gallery business including designing invitations, writing press releases and texts, curating the show, publicity, and hosting top-notch openings. Over the past few years we have worked with artists such as Sam Durant, Soo Kim, Friedrich Kunath, Karl Haendel, Kristen CalabreseBrad Spence, Alice Könitz, Enrique Martinez Celaya, Rachel Lachowicz, Peter Shire, Tierney Gearon, Gary Baseman, Christine Nguyen, Peter Alexander, Julius Schulman, Rachel Lachowicz and Leonard Nimoy. The gallery has also held artist talks with Catherine Opie among others.

In the past, the Eastern Star Gallery has been featured on various art blogs and in the LA Times.



By definition, the Eastern Star Gallery at Archer is a place of transformation. The space originally served as a chapel in the 1930s, offering residents a place of worship for more than six decades. During its subsequent metamorphosis, the 300-square-foot room served as a classroom and theater staging area before assuming its current life as an art gallery in 2006. Since then, this space has housed some of the most prestigious contemporary art in Southern California. In 2013, students renamed The Gallery at The Archer School for Girls as the Eastern Star Gallery at Archer, honoring the building’s historic roots as the Eastern Star Home for Women.


To engage gallery visitors in the collaborative journey of the artist’s creative process, and to build an expansive community around the shared experience of contemporary art, within The Archer School for Girls community and beyond. The exhibitions also serve to provide students with a real-life business model for gallery operation and art business management. Proceeds from art sales support Archer’s financial aid program.

About The Archer School for Girls

Founded in 1995, The Archer School for Girls is an independent school that provides a 21st-century college preparatory program for students in grades 6 through 12 in an environment that explores and refines the ways girls learn best. Cultivating a strong sense of individuality, personal identity, independence, a sense of global engagement, and an array of leadership opportunities define each student’s experience.